Community Outreach Committee

Community Outreach Committee meets the 4th Wednesday of every month



Loyd Fox (Interim Chair)

Bill Selvitelle (Kindness Bags)

Bob Yoder

Chris Hussey

Christine Schmelter

Claudia Polk

Ellen Hannah Massey (Bird houses)

Eunice Walton

Gladys Stratford

James (Weedy) Barber

Jane Massey

Julie Graham

Lorrie Ayers

Nora Hussey

Ora McClanahan

Patsy Hillen

Res Hauck (Garden Coordinator)

Ron Massey

Sherry Smith

Stacy Thomas

Thelma Witherspoon

outreach [at]


The community of Van Wyck has an extensive history of community engagement through its local institutions including community churches, clubs and trusts. The Town Council recognizes that the membership of these institutions has extensive knowledge of the charitable needs of our residents and related relief efforts occurring in our Town. It is further recognized that regular coordinated dialogue between and among these institutions and Town leadership would be beneficial to the efforts of our community institutions as well as providing the Town with a means to identify where Town resources may be put to effective use. In a nutshell, the Town of Van Wyck belongs to its residents. It is important that the community’s resources are made available to community relief and development efforts and that our community institutions engage in regular coordinated dialogue with each other and Town leadership to advance those efforts.

The Outreach Committee has been formed by Town Council as an advisory body for the purpose of coordinating regular dialogue between community institutions, Town leadership and Town residents concerning the needs of the community’s residents and identification of where community resources and funding may be effectively allocated. The committee’s findings and proposals will be presented to Town Council to inform and direct community focused grants and projects. 

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