Parks & Recreation Committee

2024 Members

Sheena Hinson

Kelly Webster

Fred Hurst

Margaret (Sis) Yoder

Johnny Mace


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Parks and Recreation Committee- Town of Van Wyck, South Carolina


The 2031 Van Wyck Comprehensive Plan includes the preservation and improvement of public spaces as a key element in our town’s future. In a nutshell, the Town of Van Wyck belongs to its residents. At its core, our public spaces are the most obvious and accessible manifestation of that rule. It is important that we create and maintain spaces that will be used and appreciated by the community for many years to come.

The Parks and Recreation Committee has been formed by Town Council as an advisory body for the purpose of obtaining and refining community input on the direction of future improvements and uses for the town’s parks. The committee’s proposals will be presented to Town Council to inform and direct projects and associated funding for the town’s parks. The town currently has access to two properties within the town limits (the 3.75 acre Community Center on Old Hickory Rd and the 16.5 acre Nisbet Park on W. Rebound) which will be the main focus of the committee’s work.